Central Parking

Central Parking is a Racing game on PFreeGames.com. You can play Central Parking in your browser for free. As you go through your day, you have a lot of driving and parking to do. In Central Parking control the driver, moving from one location to his car and from his car to his destination, and then do the driving. In each level you are trying to get somewhere, like to work or your friend's house. Get into your car, pull out, and drive to your next stop. Follow the arrows on the road and park only in the indicated parking space. Make sure you're sharing the road and driving safely. Each time you crash you lose health points, and if you run out of points you lose the level. You are also given a time limit in which to complete each level. Get through a level fast and without damaging your car to get the best score. Control: Use the arrow keys to drive and spacebar to brake.